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Download Nintendo DS Games with Nintendo DS Emulator for iPhone

It is time for all the Nintendo fans to feel rejoiced, as now they can enjoy the amazing Nintendo games on their iPad and iPhone without jailbreaking their device. This has been made possible with the help of Nintendo DS Emulator, which once downloaded on your device gives you access to one of the best games in the market. It’s lite is an incredibly powerful and fun handheld game. We have all types of nintendo emulators!

The NDS emulator has a jailbreak version, so if you have already got your device jailbroke then this emulator is just perfect for you. However, if you haven’t then there is nothing to worry about as the emulator is still safe and available for you to download.

How Nintendo DS Emulator Works?

Nintendo DS Emulator is one of the perfect emulators available in the market, which gives users immense exposure to like happy chick emulator retro games. With such type of emulators in one’s device, one need not have to restrict their game play in terms of features, access or gaming control. They can play the games anywhere and anytime they want suiting their convenience. Now we can relive the whole glory Nintendo DS emulator.

Download Nintendo DS Emulator

Features of Nintendo DS Emulator

Following are some of the features of the emulator which contributes to its immense popularity in the market:

  1. With the Nintendo DS Emulator downloaded on your device, you can enhance the graphics of your game twice than its original resolution. This feature is just perfect to be used on high end quad core devices.
  2. Emulation speed can be increased to fast forward as per the wish of the users playing the game.
  3. Gaming experience can be enhanced by heaps and bounds, by making use of thousands of cheat codes.
  4. The emulator supports add on controllers attached to your device. Hence, during the game play you need not have to restrict yourself.
  5. The placement and size of DS screens can be adjusted to portrait or landscape as per convenience of the users.

How to Download Nintendo DS Emulator?

  1. Begin the download: Access web browser from your device and look for the emulator. If in case, your device is jailbroken opt for Cydia option. You can also opt for OTA version. Click on the selected version and press install whenever the popup appears.
  2. Change your date: This is one of the most important steps to follow. Once you have begun with the download, manually change the date back to 8th February, 2014. To change the date go to Settings => General => Date and Time. Uncheck the automatic option and select the current date and time i.e. 8th February 2014. Make a note to carry out this step after beginning with the download and not before.
  3. Have access to the emulator: Once you have successfully changed the date on your device, downloading should complete in some time and the same shall appear on your device. Once the installation process gets completed, feel free to open the emulator.
  4. Add Nintendo DS ROM: With the removal of addition sign, users are now required to manually add ROM to their emulator. It is highly recommended that only best snes roms should be downloaded and added. Users can even access site CoolROM from Safari browser and find Nintendo DS ROM. Make sure that you own the ROM before you begin with its download. The download might take few seconds, so wait until you are redirected further.
  5. Play: Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, you are all set to begin your gameplay. In addition to regular controls on your game, you will also have access to the bottom portion of the screen which will provide you with touchscreen options during gaming.

Nintendo DS

How to Remove Nintendo DS Emulator from your iPad or iPhone?

If in case, users wish to uninstall the snes emulator for iOS then we have brought forth some easy steps which will help you uninstall the emulator.

  1. Remove Nintendo DS Emulator from your home screen like any other application. Keep the application pressed for long and tap on X when it appears.
  2. Once this is done, it’s time to remove the provision access. For doing this, go to settings=>General=>Profile. In this section, look for MBS-Hello App provision, if it is available then remove it to get rid of it completely from your device.

Following above steps shall help you to completely uninstall your emulator.


Nintendo DS Emulator is one of the most amazing innovations which have been lately made in the market. These best nes emulators has facilitated all the Nintendo lovers to have access to their favorite games and make the most of it on their computers, mobile handsets or iPads.

However, to ensure that the emulator is downloaded successfully, make sure you follow the above steps mentioned. Also, don’t forget to share the information with your friends such that they can also make the most of it and use the emulator to play their favorite Nintendo games.

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