Nintendo 64 emulators

Best Nintendo 64 Emulators to Choose for Windows and Android

Best Nintendo 64 Emulators

Nintendo 64 Emulators has been around for more than a decade now it gives you access to range of legendary games such as 007 Goldeneye, Pokemon Stadium, Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, perfect Dark etc. This amazing gaming console was meant to compete against Sega and Sony PlayStation. Go down and download the most compatible and highly rated emulators from this website. Get free all the best below mentioned emulators. This emulators allow you to play games on your windows, mac, android, and linux devices.

One of the most amazing aspects about this console was that it was made for 3D graphics and gives you access to amazing games. Now you can play Nintendo 64 console games on your Windows and Android device with the help of emulators.

Best Nintendo 64 emulators

Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows

Nintendo 64 emulators have been around for a long time, but not many emulators have been able to make up a good mark. However, there is one particular emulator that has attracted a lot of attention and has been successfully able to emulate Nintendo 64 games on Windows.

Project64 version 1.6 is a popular emulator and considered to be the best emulator for Windows. The key thing about this best nes emulators with Nintendo 64 is that it is free of cost, highly accurate and gives you access to various Nintendo 64 games.

Features of Project 64

  • It allows you to play so many games on Nintendo 64 Emulators and one can also play games with any USB gamepad.
  • One can save and load the game anytime.
  • It also supports for controller input, additional features, plugins for audio and video formats.
  • Allows you to set and choose various resolutions and aspect ratio according to your laptop, Monitor or TV size.
  • Different games are available with different graphic setting.
  • One can unlock additional cheat codes using this game and add high resolution textures to your game to give better HD experience.


Nintendo Emulators for Android

  • Classic Boy:

It is one of the emulators that fit with various Android versions and systems. It has a unique set of features and allows you compatibility with sensor and gesture support. To get a good start, you can download the free version of this emulator before buying one.

  • N64 emulator:

Looking for a free and recent emulator for Android? The Nintendo 64 Emulators is the latest emulator for Nintendo 64 launched in December 2015. It has a range of good features like controller layout options, multiplayer mode, cheat code support and support for compressed files etc. It works well with most Android versions. You can download it from Google PlayStore.

  • Mega N64:

This is another popular Nintendo 64 Emulators available named MegaN64. It is an open source project and includes some performance improvements in the latest version. One key thing about this emulator is that it is free of cost and considered to be a good emulator. With the help of this emulator, you can place your game files on both internal and external disks such as SD card. It is a modified version on Mupen 64 and licensed by the company GPL v3 and GNU. It is extremely useful in specific phone models such as Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4 with also improvements in its user interface.

  • Tendo64:

It is one of the stable emulators available right now and contains range of features including multiplayer support, customizable button layouts, cheat code support and Rumble Pak emulation etc. You can enjoy different Nintendo 64 Emulators on this emulator and it is quite effective as it supports most of the Android versions.

  • CEN64:

It is yet another popular emulator which is quite effective on modern PC hardware. There are certain features which this emulator lacks features and also compatible. One can emulate range of Nintendo 64 games on this emulator.

  • Mupen64+AE (N64 emulators):

Another impressive emulator available for free and paid version is Mupen64 emulator. It has all the features that you need along with decent stability and compatibility. Last update available is 2014 version and it is quite stable in terms of long term usage. You can compare N64 emulator with draStic ds emulator which is also one of emulator games. If you have not used this emulator before then you can also try using Mega 64 as it is the latest improved version of Nintendo 64 Emulators.

  • Ultra HLE:

Another popular Nintendo emulator which is quite popular as it provides full speed on required hardware. It doesn’t have many drawbacks and has been under development phase since the time of release through high level emulation. However after legal threats from Nintendo, developers stopped preparing its development.

Nintendo 64 download


The Nintendo 64 emulators are one of the best way to enjoy old popular Nintendo games on your Android and Windows device. Emulation system is extremely complex and one can find various effective and efficient emulators for different operating system. Every emulators or snes roms has its own unique features and benefits such that you can choose an emulator that suits your requirement.

So what are you waiting for, download nintendo 64 emulators and install any of the above mentioned emulator on your windows and Android device today and enjoy range of nintendo emulators. Ensure that you keep enough space on your device to run and save emulator games. Enjoy Playing!


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