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Best Running Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Android and PC

Nintendo 3DS emulators, a gaming console released on 26th Feb 2011 in Japan,  has been quite popular around the world. It quickly gained a lot of credit as Nintendo dropped its price after six months. Initially, Nintendo tried experimenting with 3D video consoles, but could not gain much impetus until nintendo 3DS emulators was released.

In 2010, Nintendo announced that 3DS gaming console will transform the gaming industry and undoubtedly it made the mark as gamers could experience a completely new world of gaming. It was one of the first 3D gaming consoles after nintendo 2DS emulators And it achieved great success.

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Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Android and PC

Nintendo 3DS was a delight for gamers and quickly made a mark in the gaming industry. After its popularity, emulators were developed for Android and PC that lets you play all the Nintendo 3DS games on PC or Android phone. An emulator is a type of software which duplicates the console process and its graphical system and lets you play Nintendo 3D games on your PC and Android OS.

There are a large number of games available to play on Nintendo 3DS console but it is not possible for everyone to buy the expensive console and in such situations, using an emulator is always preferred to experience the gaming on Nintendo 3DS console. 3DS emulators are always a useful way to develop snes roms and lets you enjoy a wide range of games. With the help of emulators, you gain complete control over large numbers of Nintendo games and even crack the game using cheat codes available.

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Android

Nintendo 3DS emulators are mostly popular in Android OS because people are nowadays using Android phones and want to experience Nintendo games on their Android device. Nintendo 3DS emulators are having a high quality experience but some of the emulators are still under development due to limitation in ability to play games or graphics. Let us look at the some of the running snesemulators which are quite developed and considered to be ideal for Android OS.

  • DraStic DS Emulator: DraStic DS emulator is one of the most stable emulators available and comprises of attractive features to attract gamers around the world. It supports customization, hardware & software controllers, fast forward mode, controller customization, screen layout customization and Google Drive support. It lets you enjoy high end graphics, but limits users as it is expensive. One can download DraStic DS emulator and install this emulator from Google PlayStore.
  • AseDS (NDS.EMU): It is yet another emulator which lets you enjoy Nintendo 3DS games. Various features are supported for this emulator such as cheat codes, display options, customized button layouts and performance tweaks that lets you enjoy games smoothly. It is a worthy emulator in terms of gaming performance.

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  • Nds4droid: One of the oldest open source emulators around is nds4droid. It is available for download and install free of cost. There have been many issues with this emulator, but developers always update the old version with essential features such as performance tweaks so as to ensure faster and smoother gaming performance.
  • NDS Boy (NDS Emulator): Yet another emulator for playing Nintendo 3DS games with NDS Boy. It is specially designed to support Nintendo console games. With average ROM requirement, this emulator offers features, customization and controls.
  • RetroArch: Looking for an open source high performance gaming console for Nintendo 3DS? Retro Arch is an ideal emulator which gives you experience to play various games. One can download and install it for free.

Best 3DS Nintendo Emulators for PC

After exploring Android emulators, it’s the time to find out best Nintendo 3DS emulators available for download for Windows PC.

  • Citra 3DS Emulator: Citra 3DS is a user friendly popular emulator which gives you access to Nintendo games on your personal computer. It is compatible with most of the PC systems like Linux, MAC OS and windows.
  • DeSmuME: One of the first Nintendo Emulators developed for PC. It is available for download free of cost and gives rich experience of playing Nintendo 3DS games on PC.
  • No$GBA: Originally developed as a freeware, No$GBA is now a paid emulator which lets you play high speed Nintendo 3DS games.
  • NeonDS: Another emulator which works for Windows platform and quite compatible with most Windows versions. You can download it for free from
  • iDeaS: This emulator can give you the experience of playing popular Nintendo games like Pokemon Diamond & Perl and Super Mario etc. It can be downloaded free of cost from its official website.


The above mentioned list of Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android and PC offer a clean user interface and is the best in town. You can download and install it on your device and start enjoying a range of Nintendo games without buying a console. To connect your device and mobile you can download andy emulator. So why wait! Start your gaming journey by choosing these emulators.

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