Nintendo 2DS Emulators

Nintendo 2DS Emulators : Get Amazing Games for Your Android and PC

Nintendo 2DS Emulators  

Nintendo 2DS Emulators is one of the most popular handheld consoles used for a long time. It has been one of the iconic gaming consoles after PSP and Game Boy. There are some amazing games that can be played on Nintendo gaming console and people quickly became addicted to the games played. The people widely used in android phone and laptop is the emulators.

However, now there aren’t many Nintendo consoles available and it is harder to play those old games. Therefore, if you are a lover of nintendo games, but not able to find any of them, then you can still play them on your Android or PC device using Nintendo 2DS emulators. Let us look at the Nintendo DS emulators available using below.

Play Nintendo 2DS Emulators


It is one of the latest nintendo DS emulators available in the market. It has various impressive features such as performance tweaks, customized button layouts, screen display options, cheat codes availability. On most of the ROM, you can play using this emulator and also find various new games such as Pokemon. One of the good things about this emulator is that it is available for download and install using free of cost. You can easily download it without worrying about game performance and quality.

DraStic DS emulator

Drastic DS emulator is one of the most popular emulator available to download and install. However, it is not free of cost and you have to pay around six dollars. The emulator comes with a range of features including controller customization, hardware support, screen layout support, fast forward option, graphic support and also high end device support. Drastic DS emulator is one of its kind.

DraStic DS emulator

Drastic is built to support different kinds of Nintendo handheld systems and it maps easily with the all kinds of Nintendo gaming consoles. It is a world class emulator and has different kinds of features that would delight any gamer. You can find full functioning touchscreen functionality while using it on your Android device. It also supports multiple screen options, accelerates graphics in your device and also gives you the ability to change or modify the looks of your emulator.

DraStic emulator gives you range of flexibility which is not available in other emulators. drastic DS emulator goes beyond its functionalities of other emulators and if you are looking to use an emulator for your Android phone, then this is one of the best Nintendo 2ds emulators to choose. Using this emulator, you can play both 2DS and 3DS Nintendo games easily without compromising on game quality.


This is another new emulator that you can find in the market. It is quite decent and also supports different new features such as support for different file formats, customizable controls and also able to save and load games. It is free to download and install on Android devices. Also, you don’t need to opt for app purchases and performs really well.


It is one of the free emulators available to download and install. It supports some good features such as save and load game anytime and also able to tweak game performance. Games can be played at a much better speed using this emulator.


It is free of cost and entirely open source project. So you can easily enjoy a range of games which you are looking to play for Nintendo games on your Android device. Nintendo 64 Emulator are also available in this blog , which allows you to play so many games on nintendo 64 Emulators and one can also play games with any USB gamepad. The emulator has all the features that you need for playing normal 2-D games. However, it may not play too smoothly in 3D games.


It is yet another open source emulator which supports different console games such as SNES, Nintendo DS and Game boy. This emulator system is a lot more complex compared to other emulators. There were a few issues with these emulators, but now with the latest version available. Download and install it free of cost. This open source emulator doesn’t harm if you are looking to play Nintendo 2DS Emulators.

DeSmuME 0.9.12

Best Nintendo emulators

It is one of the most impressive emulators available in the world of emulators. You can get a range of features using this emulator and even play some of the amazing games that you cannot enjoy in other emulators such as Mario etc. If you are hunting for a good emulator that gives you good flexibility and performance at the same time then DeSumME is one of the most amazing emulators to choose.There have been some of the downfalls in the earlier versions of this emulator, but with the latest updated version of this emulator, you can find good quality games which don’t hang.


Want to enjoy Nintendo games on your Android or PC? Choose the Nintendo 3DS Emulators and install it on your Android device. To enjoy the best snes roms games like super mario and mortal combat visit our blog.Once you have these emulators installed on your device, you can enjoy range of games which are of your interest and also fulfills your craving of playing games.

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