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Gba4ios Roms : Download Gba4ios to Get Access to Nintendo Games

Know About Gba4ios Roms

The Gba4ios roms is the best option if you want to play the old school Nintendo console games on your iPhone device? Yes, it is possible with this new amazing free application available on iPhone. GBA games emulator allows you to enjoy numerous games and provides you wide range of features for an unique experience while playing old nintendo console games on iPhone. Download Gba4ios for Nintendo Game Boy Advance games

History of Gba4ios

The first thing you will ever notice about this amazing application is that it is different in looks and designed for various versions of iOS. It is simpler in terms of user interface and has some amazing features such as controller vibration, sustain button and lets you enjoy your favorite music while playing Gba4ios roms. With the help of this new improved version 2.1, you can enjoy your favorite  best free nintendo emulators on iPad.

best Gba4ios roms

Features of GBA4iOS

Some of the amazing features of this unique emulator are mentioned below:

  1. Redesigned for iOS7– The new updated version of Gba4ios roms has been redesigned especially for iOS 7 and it also supports iOS7 controller.
  2. Support for iPad– It also provides support for iPad as well. All the features of this application are also specifically optimized for iPad
  3. Cheats– Cheating is always a nice way to stay ahead in game. GBA 2.1 Gba4ios roms also gives you access to various cheats available and you can enjoy different cheat codes and unlock complete game features using this emulator. It gives you a complete freedom to do whatever you want to do.This amazing emulator supports 5 cheat code formats and makes an easy gaming experience. The feature of this emulator tweaks your gaming experience and lets you enjoy the different features of this game and unlocks its full potential. To creates a virtual environment to connecting your smartdevice and PC use andy emulator. To download this emulator please check out our this post.You can upgrade your game, unlock new avatars or get access to all the levels in the game.

best Gba4ios roms

  1. Next level gaming experience– The new improved Gba4ios roms has a game boy advance controller support so it gives you the liberty to enhance better gaming experience. One of the amazing features of Game Boy advance is that it is backward compatible and can be used with previous portable console games.
  2. Dropbox sync– You can stay in synchronized with Google Dropbox and lets you save your games.
  3. Event distribution– Events allows you to unlock certain features in the game that are not normally available in the game. Thanks for the beta testing, you can experience this unique feature in the latest version of Gba4ios roms.
  4. Sustain button– Newly introduced sustain button (l2) gives you improved support while playing new games.
  5. Controller support– It also lets you customize your gaming buttons while playing games in iOS7 onwards.
  6. Customized controller skins– You can get access to beautiful controller skins for both Game boy advance and game boy color games. You have so many options of controller skins and some of the skins can also be customized according to the user experience. It is almost like endless customizable controller skins and possibilities are numerous.
  7. Play music while playing– This is another feature that has attracted users as you can play music and also gives you lot more freedom.

How to Download and Install GBA4iOS on your iPhone

Many people think that in order to install Gba4ios roms, you need to perform additional steps or jailbreak your iPhone device.  The steps to download and install Gba4ios roms are quite simple and mentioned below in detail

  • First thing you need to do is access the pre-installed browser on your iOS device for example you can choose Apple Safari browser.
  • Visit this link to download the emulator. If the website is not working or not able to download the required software then you need to change the dates of your device using manual settings. After changing the date, go to step 3.
  • You can change the year to 2010 and try to access the website again using the same link mentioned in step 2.

Gba4ios roms free

  • After clicking through the link, Gba4ios roms will be installed on your device and you must trust the settings or application. In order to save the application in trusted sources, you must change the date to current date and try to check Gba4ios roms
  • Once the above settings are complete, you can start accessing Gba4ios roms and start enjoying old nostalgic games in your device easily.

Over to You!

Gba4ios roms is a favorite emulator specially designed for iOS users and it is also a highly recommended emulator for playing Nintendo games on iPhone. There are so many unique features of this application that gives a complete flexibility and unique gaming experience. It is not necessary to download emulator for ios is only Gba but you can also download other best snes iOS emulators.

Note- While downloading this application is that you need to set the system date at least one day back before downloading the application and after it is downloaded then you can set the correct date back again.

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