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Snes Emulators: Best SNES Emulator, ROMS and Games

Snes Emulators

Snes– Super Nintendo Entertainment System, an emulator that every 90’s kid would remember as he/she played all its childhood. Snes was said to be a high tech device in the era of its launch and it provided 16-bit gaming console with advanced graphics for 90’s. Of course, it looks pale compared to the new era. It was new thing at that time but it took time to get off as tough competition was provided from Sega in the western side. Let’s have a look at some of the most memorable and recommended snes emulators from Nintendo. We’ve collected some of the best snes emulator so you can relive and cherish your 90’s memory.

Best SNES Emulators

Following are some of the well know snes emulators to go back in time machine and see what people were doing in 90’s when graphics intense game was not even a wild dream.

Project 64

Project 64 is one of the most after sought emulator as it was latest at the time of release and no other emulator was such easy, and emulated maximum games of its genres. It had controller option which made most of the players comfortable as it included joystick and keyboard controller remapping. Unlike its contender PlayStation, Project 64 doesn’t require BIOS image for its execution. Perhaps, this is why it is called one of the best snes emulator out there.

Project64 snes emulators

It works on the basis of default plug-in with surprisingly positive result. The emulator is a minimal package and won’t give extra or additional features apart from the inbuilt, but at the same time will provide multiplayer support, adaptive and easy to use cheat facility. There is also a tool for altering the aspect ratio with auto fit without stretching. If provided with high ram and decent graphic memory, emulator provides flawless and smooth emulation. The emulator requires basic configurations to run it smoothly which compared to other emulators was a plus point. It hosted one of the most successful game series. The famous games which it includes are Mario Kart 64, Banjo Tooie, Goldeneye, Bomberman 64 and so on. Definitely one of the most downloaded and recommended snes emulator for the gamers.

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Nintendo WII: Dolphin

Wii featured not only high end graphics but also virtual control and advanced motion controls. Wii allowed players to purchase and play hits of Nintendo and as expected it did create hype and was adapted rapidly compared to its contenders like PS3 and Xbox.

Nintendo WII Dolphin

Dolphin is on the top when we talk about Wii or GameCube emulation software as it performs exceptionally well compared to the other consoles in the market, and featured many additional traits. Anti-aliasing was already a surprising feature but it also offered quick-save functionality with high end 1080p gameplay! Isn’t it quite amazing? These features were lacking in the original GameCube and Wii. Dolphin does have some bugs but its open-source license is being updated regularly to make sure the bad patches are removed or fixed. Dolphin is available for Mac OS X, Android and Linux (not to forget RetroArch).

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Nintendo DS: Standalone No$GBA SNES Emulator

Nintendo being the best seller of all time is also, the second best selling gaming device of all time. The reputation being the list of games it supported in its library with various genres ranging from kid to adult.

No$GBA Emulator

No$GBA known as ‘no cash G-B-A’ started its journey as a Gameboy Advanced Emulator. No$GBA is a full fledge package of features from Nintendo DS and also the fasted NDS emulator present. Though some features like Multiplayer support and minor sound & graphical glitches are present but apart from these, the emulator runs flawless and suave as it is compatible with a long list of games. Playing touch games is possible in this emulator as it provides mouse movements to use as touch or stylus controls. Many games are played in a sideway controls so No$GBA allows it to be played by screen orientation way. The major drawback being the lack of debugging tools to test and debug the emulator and its games. The ROMs for emulator are Pokémon series, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario series, Final Fantasy Advance and so on.

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DeSmuME being the gem of an emulator by Nintendo that proved to be the best DS for RetroArch, with few limitations to its name. This snes emulator is not the best around compared to standalone emulators but the performance and graphics will get you occupied for a long time as it is the best emulator when it comes to emulation of DS.

DeSmuME snes emulator

DeSmuME is simple to configure after the setup and provides high end graphics compared other emulators, with audio and graphical tweaking options it becomes more flexible and emulates the GBA emulation. DeSmuME is a great option in the Gameboy series and won’t disappoint you with its performance scale and graphical appealing.

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The emulators bring back old memories to every 90’s kid as his childhood was filled with joys of Pokémon, Zelda, and Mario and so on. Hope the article was helpful to you for your gaming experience.

In a near future, besides snes emulators, we would be covering top snes games and roms for these emulators. Meanwhile, start enjoying your 90’s game with these emulators. If you are having any trouble installing the emulator and playing the games on it, then let us know. As a gaming fan, we would be more than happy to assist you.